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He would slowly approach you two and stand near you smiling. 2021 р. TXT,StrayKids,Twice or G-Idle. When the members of Ateez fall out of love with you and in love with . 1 for Yunho’s girlfriend’s pov) May 04, 2019 · Reactions for Ateez, The Boyz and Stray Kids Rules: If you request something for The Boyz the limit is 4 members! If you request something for Ateez the limit is 4 members! If you request something for Stray Kids the limit is 5 members! You can also mix the groups. 2021 р. . 30 черв. HongJoong would be wondering were you were and would go looking for you. 2021 р. NONE of the gifs used in this book is mine unless stated otherwise. Hongjoong - I think if Hongjoong saw you with another guy, . 2020 р. So I guess you aren’t busy anymore. BTS Reaction to Finding Your Lingerie. The final score will be calculated and be distributed within the respective groups of each members. Apr 01, 2021 · Ateez all members x reader genre: reaction, comfort, angst (requested) Hongjoong: he’s pretty quick to catch on to what’s going on he knows that his interest in you is mutual, because you’ve been. kissing your shoulder and constantly moving the hair away from your face so you don’t get annoyed by it. ⌕ ━━ fem! reader ⌕ ━━ disclaimer | i do not support the act of mafias, nothing in this reaction is real and it is a work of fiction. when you try to put the thing in the thing it'll most likely hurt and cause friction or even a rash. (Continuation from the reaction post BTS walking in on their sister and another member, which you can read HERE. Ateez reaction to their s/o talking to another boy. 2019 р. SEONGHWA: Originally posted by wooyoungs. Mid way through, he lightly bit down on your clit, invoking a choked scream as you jolted upward. yeah, he’s in one, but you don’t exactly see hongjoong as a. EXO Reaction to wanting to have sex but you play hard to get. a/n- I hope you enjoy this! Let me know if you want to see the other four. you can check out all performances on youtube! (mnet even has a playlist for everything kingdom related on their channel) but of course you should enjoy this story first ;) And with this they started walking deeper into . “However, since Y/N is a member of ATEEZ, she will be paired or grouped with a member or two from different groups. Request: Originally posted by guksuu. 2021 р. BTS Reaction to You Teaching Them a New Dane Choreography/Style. 2020 р. My askbox is open. Keep reading · ateez ateez reactions ateez x reader ateez imagines ateez scenarios kpop atiny fluff park . Ateez: How they react when they catch you checking them out (Tbh I think their reactions would depend on the situation but this is just assuming they catch you looking at them randomly. Your boyfriend proudly sat back in amusement as he watched your excitement at the reaction of Ateez’s newest music video. You two were in the club. Jongho was going to debut in another group! How come I did not know this! . 21 черв. A few of them share secrets and others spill the tea on other members. While being the frisky ( and annoyingly teasing) boy that he is and relishing in the sound of overflowing moans that fell from your mouth as he ate you out, he decided to experiment a bit. His heart is even more beautiful than he is, and that is saying a lot! Though Seonghwa isn’t the leader of ATEEZ, he is the oldest, and he is known by fellow ATEEZ members and fans alike to be incredibly selfless, nurturing, and attentive to everyone around him. Your bratty attitude turns him on. Jun 16, 2017 · Also apologies that these reactions aren’t as detailed or long as my other reactions; I kinda felt uncomfortable writing about this sort of thing in such depth so sorry these are so short and brief! Taeil: Originally posted by xehunted. their relationship is really soft : (. You didn’t wait for another word, you began your small walk towards the parking lot where only one car was parked. Mingi will not promote Ateez's album to focus more on recovery (Ateez . Originally posted by sitemkar. I thought about writing it like you’re checking them out while they’re dancing or something but that would be a whole other thing XD I still might if . Ateez Reaction: Their Kid Gets Sick in the Middle of The Night A/n: . This is meant to imagine the members of Ateez in a popular anime trope and . He would cut into the hangout you were having with the member. sometimes . They all stood outside of the car, small cameras in a few of their hands. Jun 23, 2021 · yuri’s relationship with ateez. But when push comes to shove, only one group will be able to walk away as champions. Word Count: 2. 6k. Originally posted by prettyseonghwa-deactivated-deac ATEEZ reaction to having a new manager that is around their age Hongjoong He would be a little shy at first, but when she first come in, he would introduce the group in a formal way like he always do as a leader when he meet a new staff member. You’ve had your fair few shares of drinks but you can still walk (a few stumbles here and there however). A month ago your boyfriend left because he had to go on tour with the other members and he was really sad that he had to leave you all alone in . 5 лют. EXO Reaction to getting a boner at seeing you in a sexy dress during a dinner date. BTS reaction: a Member walks in *Requested* JINJin was in between your legs, as he thrusted into you, his lips were attached to your neck. Reaction: You on your period Group: ATEEZ Genre(s): fluff. This was a request from ateez reaction to another member walking in on the two of you making out [part 1 - hongjoong, seonghwa, yunho, yeosang] [part 2 - san, mingi . . — “You have my attention. ” And on the screen behind Changmin flashed different songs to choose from. Many of these may have grammatical errors in them since English isn't my mother tongue, howeve. youtube. 24 трав. 23 черв. Then you guys fall asleep in each other's arms. Mature Language* San: (creep at the beach) Originally posted by geumhyuk-archive (From the perspective on San’s Girlfriend - read pt. Jan 12, 2019 · Honestly with this sensitive sweetheart, you’re gonna have to open your mouth and actually explain you just don’t feel like talking, because otherwise, he’s just gonna get hurt and frustrated all over again, and it may even end up resulting in a fight that could have been avoided. BTS Reaction to Seeing You Walk Down the Aisle. He breathes heavily and drops his things by the door before walking in your direction, a small smirk forming on his face. The member agreed and left you two to yourselves. Ateez Scenarios and Imagines✨ - Ateez reaction: you crushing on one of the Boyz . com/kpopseatinFollow me on. Reactions . BTS Reaction to You Smiling At Him like Hala from The Ark (The Light MV) BTS Reaction to Seeing You in a Musical/Play. 1 бер. It is now the morning after and some teasing occurs. HONGJOONG. . ” You sang as you walked into the kitchen to find your boyfriend making some. BTS Reaction to You Saying ‘You Got No Jams’. Björk's son responds to an old interview that claims his music is superior. Jan 18, 2020 · Yoori - ATEEZ Extra Member AU. . list alot more. Mar 25, 2021 · ⌕ ━━ [ mafia! ateez ] you walking out on them in an argument. Multiple members had previously trained at other companies: . He shouted at you but you ignored him and kept walking. . i present to you part 2 of my story based on ATEEZ performance on Kingdom: Legendary War. Aug 26, 2020 · A/N: hey! I hope you guys like this reaction. 17 трав. Originally posted by alltoateez. sometimes when he laughs he kinda jerks forward and buries his head into the crook of your neck. . Park Seonghwa. Hongjoong would still be very friendly with you, but when he sees you talking with Mingi, he gets very quiet. Mar 27, 2020 · Ateez reaction to their s/o feeling upset over her acne Hello~ I wanted to say sorry for not uploading much recently, teachers weren’t going easy on me… Anyways, this reaction is a little different. All of the reactions in this book are requests from my Tumblr page, @Legit-Kpop-Trash. When he finally found you he saw you laughing with some boy. Also I did not specify the body of the reader to much ( like the weight or height or wide of some features) Enjoy:) HONGJOONG Feb 01, 2019 · Bts reaction (you like another member)He was a walking up to you apartment with a box of chocolate and flowers for you. ~Masterlist~ SANGYEON “Good morning. So if you liked Mingi like he thought you did, he would want you to be with him. to be writing for ateez and the other groups on my m. seonghwa. 2021 р. 2021 р. Seonghwa. Original video by LittleChoiSan : https://www. You slide from the booth with Jongho to get another round of drinks but due to the crowd you and Jongho got split up temporarily. 3 трав. MAMA 2020 MAMA Monster Collab Stage It’s Raining Zero: Fever Part. He would instantly be heart. . His heart is even more beautiful than he is, and that is saying a lot! Though Seonghwa isn’t the leader of ATEEZ, he is the oldest, and he is known by fellow ATEEZ members and fans alike to be incredibly selfless, nurturing, and attentive to everyone around him. hongjoong (yujoong) honorifics: yuri calls him oppa. “Kingdom: Legendary War” is a 2021 music and variety show that was produced by Jo Wook . The night goes by like a blur full of drunken happiness. “Doing another stupid thing I guess” you mumble knowing he couldn't hear you though. HONGJOONG. Taeil was he so incredibly embarrassed and annoyed at himself for walking in on you at such an intimate moment. He practically runs to his car and speeds back towards your shared apartment and bursts through the front door. by you and a few other volunteers just hoping you'd notice as he walks with . Over the next year, they would be joined by Seonghwa, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. . ATEEZ members will act there. “Hi. If you want another group let me know and maybe I will write it. Apr 13, 2021 · walking with the cheese @ Jae-6. Dec 09, 2020 · Ateez reaction-requested request:You or they reject the mate bond for some reason, and you or they try to change your mind. Another user commented, “im glad they're still continuing the . You’re sitting on the love seat, legs crossed staring at him as he walks in. Usually almost always acts on this urge. The atmosphere is really fun and the room is filled with laughter once in . Ask: Could I request a scenario/reaction to you doing it with ateez but the members/another member catches you guys when it's getting good? 14 черв. jungwooyoung, kimhongjoong, jungyun. Mar 18, 2021 · 17 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Has The Most Beautiful Soul. Veteran K-pop star Changmin of TVXQ is the host. 22 бер. Hope you’ll like this!♥ - gifs are not mine, credits to rightful owners -. . com/watch?v=dsK2Ik79chcHelp support the channel on Patreon! : http://patreon. 26 бер. takes his time with you; super patient; gets you . ATEEZ reaction to having a new manager that is around their age . except for ateez. EXO Reaction to You Straddling Them But Then Walking Away. Nov 26, 2019 · Ateez reaction to thinking you like another member ~~~ Hongjoong. The groups will have to vote on one another’s performances, and there are also a few surprise musical cameos in store. Mar 18, 2021 · 17 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Has The Most Beautiful Soul. It didn’t take him long, however, to see that you were paying attention to one member in particular. Fast forward a few years and a big shift in this dominance occurred when a little-known boy group called BTS debuted in 2013 under the label Big . That one member not being himself. May 23, 2021 · ATEEZ - From The Wonderland pt. 19 квіт. If you do that than it's 2 members per group. hongjoong would get really embarrassed! he’d be noisy, stuttering out an apology as he slammed the door closed on his way back out. that ATEEZ has grown one step further, and that we can love each other with a . . He would slowly approach you two and stand near you smiling. Feel free to send in requests for Ateez,Blackpink. would outright apologize, if they’d caught him or not, because he feels a bit guilty. Mar 09, 2021 · ⌕ ━━ ATEEZ being jealous hcs. . Jongho. he wouldn’t be able to hold eye contact with whoever was . ⌕ ━━ warnings! major cursing, mentions of blood. Ateez reaction to accidentally walking in on another member having sex. first of all, he’s not someone to show his jealousy in public so expect him to get pouty whenever it’s just the two of you. Park Seonghwa Dec 07, 2020 · Ateez! Reaction to getting intimidate with you while the members/ a member are/is in the same room . From teasing touches in public, you walking around the room only in his clothes to flirting with another man just to see his reaction. 2021 р. ) You and Jungkook walked down the stairs, just two completely in love people walking down the . He . Read Another member points out your/ his hickey from the story ATEEZ Reactions by Legit_Kpop_Trash (Levi) with 7,038 reads. 21 0 💛 masterlist ateez scenario ateez reaction nct reaction nct scenario stray kids reaction stray kids scenario txt reaction txt scenario wayv reaction wayv scenario Anonymous said: May I request an Ateez Married AU with Wooyoung and female y/n reader trying to be quiet during sex because their kids are sleeping in the bedroom next . hi !!!! so i was reading your san shower smut and i loved it !!!! one thing i wanted to say tho, water cannot be used as lube !! yea its wet and slippery and stuff but it dries on your skin faster than lube or cum or whatever. 2021 р. BTS reaction another member teasing you because they heard you two last night :P. He would apologize to the member and ask if he could take you away for a bit. EXO Reaction to You Fangirling Over BTS. About Yoori: About Yoori Yoori with ATEEZ Yoori’s Styles Yoori’s Playlist. He came to pick you up in his car and took you to an amusement park. . 07. Caught by another member during sex. If you two are standing side by side in the store or in line to get coffee, he will get the urge to lean over and kiss your cheek. Ateez reaction to their s/o talking to another boy. . He could be walking past you in the studio and he’ll quickly peck your cheek as he passes. Time Spent Walking Through Memories, Wooyoung, Time Spent Walking Through Memories (기억을 걷는 시간) by Nell . Boy With Luv, Boy With Luv by BTS, Music Bank. Request: Originally posted by guksuu. EXO Reaction to the other members walking in on you two during sex. 2021 р. ⌕ ━━ fem! reader ⌕ ━━ baby energy stfu. Outfits: Pirate King Say My Name Illusion Wave Hala Hala Wonderland Answer MAMA Inception Thanxx Black Cat, Nero Black Cat, Nero: Halloween Ver. ATEEZ REACTION TO ANOTHER MEMBER WALKING IN ON THE TWO OF YOU MAKING OUT. 2021 р. You took a deep breath, taking a moment to get into character before proudly walking towards them. ATEEZ Reactions Fanfiction. Seong Hwa is ATEEZ's eldest member, although in K-pop terms, . You guys took roller-coaster rides and other scary looking rides too. HongJoong would be wondering were you were and would go looking for you. 2. Another member to get upset when he sees you out with a fellow member. whenever they're hugging eachother or holding hands with a member, another one comes in like "scoot over let me join you" and then they become 3. i know it was for the sake of the story but i kinda cringed when i . warnings: some of them behave like fu*kboys/di*kheads, argument, disrespect, alcohol, strong language, suggestive, teasing, doing unholy things in a church Feb 20, 2021 · Ateez Reaction to their s/o calling them when they’re in danger (maknae line) TW: Sensitive content and mentions of abuse. The members of ATEEZ answered Billboard's 20 questions to . 2 Fireworks. Ateez react to their s o crying in front of them for the first time Maknae line May 23 2021 ATEEZ s . He was so invested into your body, and into you. Then, let’s talk a little. Sep 29, 2019 · Ateez Reaction - Their S/O Having Bad Period Cramps Hey, sweetie! Thank you so much for your request and your patience. ateez reaction to their s/o fangirling over another boygroup hongjoong honestly, he’d have a blast watching you fangirl over a group. . [PART 1 - HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO, YEOSANG] [ PART 2 - SAN, MINGI, WOOYOUNG, JONGHO] Hongjoong: His hands were gripping your waist tightly as you threaded your hands through his hair and tugged lightly. 22. hongjoong is always there to comfort her or give her advice (as all are all the other members) he always talks out the problem with her really well and grounds her which she appreciates a lot. 25 квіт. He likes you a lot, but would want you to be happy. When he finally found you he saw you laughing with some boy. . he’d hold your hand while you’re both talking with the other members. could you please do a reaction to ateez being in a very important zoom meeting and their significant other walking in on them semi naked? thank . Notes: boyfriend! ateez, thanxx era, female reader, mentions of food, typical period symptoms (lmk if I missed something) A/n: I feel like absolute crap rn so here this is, to make me and anyone else who needs it, feel better . Ateez reaction to you being short Jun 10, 2018 · The Boyz reaction to them saying something hurtful to their s/o during an argument. Read Another member likes their s/o from the story ATEEZ Reactions by . seonghwa would be surprised, having opened the door to such an act. but when you begin to show interest in another member, will they . 2021 р. So 6 members in total. ATEEZ REACTION TO ANOTHER MEMBER WALKING IN ON THE TWO OF YOU MAKING OUT [PART 1 - HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO, YEOSANG] [PART 2 - SAN, . Before reading this, you guys are friends with the Ateez members in this scenario. despite his secondhand embarrassment, he’d quickly close the door. 2 квіт. play with is drone around her to bother her while she's talking with another member. sign up to our patreon for treasure film, long journey, 82challenge, code name is ateez, kq fellaz, album reviews, variety show appearances & unaltered react. When he saw you walk out with Namjoon hand in hand.

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